Place: Earth

Geoactivism and ...

Time: Now

Start: Locally

If we are to achieve a sustainable future, all revolutionary processes, short-term as well as long-term, must become locally rooted.

Focus: Processes

Calendar: June

We let be a month of neighborhood revival, a period of creativity and connectivity, a recurrent celebration of our common habitat.

Concept: Geoactivism

... joint effort to halt the destruction of the biosphere through actions against exploitative, extractive, and waste-generating activities.

Calendar: December

We let be a month of awareness and reflection, a period of deceleration, a recurrent opportunity to imagine a different society.

Focus: Neighborhoods

Start: Globally

No sustainability goals will be achieved as long as it is legal to make the planet inhabitable, legal to destroy the future of our children.

Opinion: Earth Refugees

There is no longer any room for doubt or hesitation: as the planetary crisis deepens, it is more clear than ever that we must make this century a turning point, indeed, make a historical shift away from an unsustainable ...

Poem: Scales

Yes, we must bring society back to the human scale, away from the alienating anonymity of multiple-lane highways and global supply chains, away from military bases and financial centers.