Love: Earth

Geoactivism ...

Love: Now

Concept: Geoactivism

Definition: ... effort to halt the destruction of the biosphere through actions against exploitative, extractive, and waste-generating activities.

Start: Locally

If we are to achieve a sustainable future, all revolutionary processes, short-term as well as long-term, must be locally rooted, enabling everyone to contribute to improved social and ecological conditions.

Focus: Processes

Socially and ecologically transformative processes: ecosocialization; communalization; humanization; decentralization; demilitarization; re-electrification; de-automobilization; and ecosystem restoration.

Calendar: June

Let become a month of neighborhood revival, a period of creativity and connectivity, a recurrent celebration of our common habitat; let June become a starting point for a society imbued with love and care.

Concept: Ecocreativity

Definition: ... perception, imagination, and creative expression respecting the boundaries, ecosystems, and species of our only planet.

Start: Together

A sustainable transformation of society must likely be radically democratic and radically creative, be something that we do together; a sustainable society can only be achieved through active participation.

Focus: Neighborhoods

Locally, regionally, and globally interconnected neighborhoods: human-powered; sun-powered; toxin-free; soil-aware; water-aware; food-producing; ecoconnective; and ecocreative.

Calendar: December

Let become a month of awareness and reflection, a period of social deceleration, a recurrent opportunity to imagine a different reality; let December become a starting point for peace and peace of mind.

Poem: Plastics

Plastics in your mouth again, plastics in the web of life; as long as it is legal to make the planet inhabitable, legal to destroy the future of our children, no sustainability goals will be achieved.

Article: The case for geoactivism

Trapped within the framework of commodity exchange, every reformist attempt to mitigate or adapt to ongoing planetary changes such as global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, freshwater depletion ...

Poem: Solidarity

What? Solidarity that transcends the barriers between urban and rural areas, moves beyond local and regional scales, includes other species, and contributes to an equal and sustainable society.

Article: A commons society

The ongoing commodification of everything held in common (public health and public education are striking examples) has gone so far that it has become a matter of survival to be in charge of our social ...

Poem: Scales

Yes, we bring society back to the human scale, away from the alienating anonymity of multiple-lane highways and global supply chains, away from military bases and financial centers.

Article: Starting a revolution

The immediate past is not the best guidebook to the future. Why learn from wasteful, profit-driven practices, when we can learn from the patterns and processes of nature, from water, trees, and honey bees? Why let agribusiness ...

Poem: Nowhere

The lawns are burning, the houses are burning, and the asphalt roads are melting; nowhere to hide, nowhere to go; a crow is singing intensively; an unsustainable society is disappearing before our eyes.

Article: Earth refugees

There is no longer any room for doubt or hesitation: as the planetary crisis deepens, it is more clear than ever that we must make this century a turning point, indeed, make a historical shift away from an unsustainable ...