Place: Earth

Geoactivism and ...

Time: Now


Concept: Geoactivism

Definition: ... joint effort to halt the systematic destruction of the biosphere through actions against exploitative, extractive, and waste-generating activities.

Opinion: Earth Refugees

There is no longer any room for doubt or hesitation: as the planetary crisis deepens, it is more clear than ever that we must make this century a turning point, indeed, make a historical shift away from an unsustainable path ...

Focus: Neighborhoods

Poem: Clay

How to liberate ourselves? We liberate ourselves by preserving life on this planet; we liberate ourselves by stopping the killing; open the cages, open the dams; end the cruelty, end the war; revive, revive.

Poem: Humans

Peace rebels; lifelong creators; associated individuals; social revolutionaries; united emancipators; radical democrats; ecological producers; fully conscious human beings.