Time: Now


Place: Earth



There is no longer any room for doubt or hesitation: as the planetary crisis deepens, it is more clear than ever that we must make this century a turning point, indeed, make a historical shift away from an unsustainable path...


(...stopping the war...)

...effort to stop the systemic destruction of our planet through actions against exploitative, extractive, and accumulative practices.


(...loving the planet...)

...perception, imagination, and creative expression recognizing the boundaries, ecosystems, and species of our planet.


Trapped within the framework of commodity exchange, every reformist attempt to mitigate or adapt to ongoing planetary changes such as global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, freshwater depletion, and species extinction...


The immediate past is not the best guidebook to the future. Why learn from wasteful, profit-driven practices, when we can learn from the patterns and processes of nature, from water, trees, and honey bees? Why let agribusiness destroy...


Poem: Clay

How to liberate ourselves? We liberate ourselves by preserving life on this planet; we liberate ourselves by stopping the killing; open the cages, open the dams; end the cruelty, end the war; revive, revive.

Poem: Humans

Peace rebels; lifelong creators; associated individuals; social revolutionaries; united emancipators; radical democrats; ecological producers; fully conscious human beings.