(...syllables for sustainability...)


The lawns are burning, the houses are burning, and the asphalt roads are melting; nowhere to hide, nowhere to go; a crow is singing intensively; an unsustainable society is disappearing before our eyes.


No to war; no to genocide; no to military-industrial complexes. For sure, global peace will not come easy, but it will never come if we continue to enable the centralization of power.


Big men and their big ships: these ships are not made for system change; these ships are military means, not obsolete artifacts of a demilitarized world. The ocean is on fire, the men are drinking, and the ships are drifting.


Plastics in the air we breathe; plastics in the water quenching our thirst; plastics in the food we eat; waste of a society praising capitalist production in the blood; we swim in the ocean, seeing nothing but waste.


When the forests are burning, the glaciers are melting, and the “global leadership” is “restructuring”, it is time to reclaim power, time to stop the arsonists, and time to make sustainability a reality.


Soil contamination and soil sealing, your daily experiences; past and present mistreatment, your future in the making; forgotten, raped, tortured, treated like waste; only a soil revolution worth its name to join.


What is happening? Who am I now? This is frightening; snowflakes are falling, touching my skin, covering my hair, keeping me awake. Water in motion, rising, falling, flowing, circulating, changing form, giving us hope.


Still alive? End the irrationality, end the doublespeak, liberate the words. If fascism starts with monoculture and repeated lies, anti-fascism must be about growing wildflowers and about telling the truth.


Alienation in supermarkets: things that distract; things that disrupt; tiny things that destroy; undemocratic means of production, means of consumption, means of computation; made in a capitalist society.


We are strangers in a strange place: zeros and ones that distract us, keep us all awake; trackers that follow our movements wherever we go; digital assets of private companies; advertising that reveals what we are.


If men's violence is a means of organizing society, reproducing structural inequality, anti-violence must be about blocking every attempt to silence, every attempt to normalize.


Representative plutocracy: lying, hiding, deceiving, harassing, mismanaging, openly supporting white supremacy. Indeed, they are very rich men and do what they please; yesterday, they left the planet.


How to liberate ourselves? We liberate ourselves by preserving life on this planet; we liberate ourselves by stopping the killing; open the cages, open the dams; end the cruelty, end the war; revive, revive.


Still falling, covering the ground; already organic matter, already digested by worms; teaching us to love, keeping us alive. This is a emergency call; this is a call for planetary revolution.


Global supply chains, global value chains; chains of lifelong exploitation, chains of systemic destruction; ending violence, ending racism, ending oppression; webs of full-blown liberation; starting a revolution.


Coal, oil, tar sands, fossil gas, fracking, deep-water drilling, open-pit mining, unconventional ways of raping the rocks; deforestation, water contamination, ecological devastation; stop killing us.


Shifting goals, shifting strategy; restoring revolutionary responsibility; energy from below, from living systems, from the sun; what had to be done, was finally clear; moving beyond capitalism.


Capitalist food production and a new virus; shrinking habitats and a human host; upside down, inside out; locking down and holding out; death and suffering; profit and inequality; business as usual.


Impervious surfaces, pollution, destroyed habitats; death systems, death systems, death systems abound; irreversibility where life ends; gone are the mutual relations of cohabitants; gone are the flowers now.


Now we know that we must heal the ecological rifts, that we depend on you; time for rebellion and time for struggle, high time for revolution; in solidarity with you, a planet somewhere in this galaxy.


Peace rebels; lifelong creators; associated individuals; social revolutionaries; united emancipators; radical democrats; ecological producers; fully conscious human beings.